Upcoming Contest / Give-away!

I'll be having a Contest / Give-away ion July 10, 2021 at 10 AM Central Time US.   The Give-away is just something I want to do to say thank you to all of you for subscribing, being my Patrons on Patreon, and for sticking with me as I got my legs under me with this channel!  So, Thank You so Very, Very Much!

Rules and Notices

  1. YouTube is in no way a sponsor or part of this contest.
  2. This contest is not being sponsored by Shelly, Raspberry PI, nor Home Assistant.
  3. You must be 18 years of age, or older, to enter and win.
  4. All Winners will be chosen at random from two pools of entries.  The pools are split by entrant’s home country main power voltage. (e.g. 120V or 240V).

How to Enter the Contest

In order to win, you must:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
  2. Register as a user on the RocketChat server hosted by me at
  3. You must join the channel #iwantit
  4. You must have joined before the winner selection.
    The selection will be done on 07/10/2021 (July 10, 2021) at 10:00 AM Central time US.
  5. If chosen, you must supply a valid shipping address.  (Shipping methods will be determined once winner addresses are received.)  You will be contacted via the RocketChat server by me so that we can get the shipping details.
  6. All Federal, State, and Local laws must be honored with regard to your participation in this contest.  I will not break any law in order to provide a prize to you.
  7. Winners will have 10 (ten) days (240 hours) from the date and time of the drawing to provide a valid shipping address to me.  If you have not done so in the set time period above, a re-selection for  a new winner may be held.

What Can I Win?

Prize Kit

I have 2 (two) kits for Europe / Asia / 220 - 240 V parts of the world.
I have 2 (two) kits for America / 110 - 120 V parts of the world.

Each setup includes:
- 1 Raspberry Pi 4 - 2 GB Board
- 1 HDMI -> micro HDMI cable
- 1 Raspberry Pi 4 Case
- 1 Set of Heat sinks for the Raspberry PI 4
- 1 64 GB MicroSD Card with Home Assistant Pre-Installed
- 4 Shelly Duo Bulbs (rated for the Voltage of your specified location)
- 1 Shelly Button 1

What's Not Included?

- Router or Internet access
- Power Cord for Raspberry PI
- Ethernet Cable
- Other Accessories not listed specifically in the "What can I Win?" section.

Final thoughts

I truly hope this will be fun, that you'll consider registering, and continuing enjoying my content!  Best of luck to you all!