My Support of Open Source

As part of my YouTube Channel, I promise that I will use funds I get from YouTube as well as from my Patreon to pay for Hardware, VPS Hosting, etc.; but also I would use funds to support Open Source.

I should have made this page a long time ago, and I've spoken about my support of Open Source on the live streams, and on a few videos, but I wanted a consistent place where you could find out which projects I'm supporting.  This is not an exhaustive list, and will change / grow over time.

ProjectProject InfoFunding From
ArdourDigital Audio Workstation (DAW) - Music Creation and Modification software in the open source space.Personal Revenue
RustDeskRemote Desktop Support SoftwareAwesomeOpenSource YouTube Channel
Neutralino JSOpen Source Javascript framework for creating very lightweight desktop applications.AwesomeOpenSource YouTube Channel
pfSenseFirewall SoftwareAwesomeOpenSource YouTube Channel
Home AssistantHome Automation, and so much more.AwesomeOpenSource YouTube Channel
DashyPersonal, Self Hosted DashboardAwesomeOpenSource YouTube Channel
JamiPeer-to-Peer, Self Hosted Chat, Audio, Video callsAwesomeOpenSource YouTube Channel